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History of Technology and Society



This six-week course segment, taken from “America and the World We Live In” shows students how technology has impacted human life.  It divides the history of technology into four chapters: pre-industrial, proto-industrial (the Age of Steam), industrial, and advanced industrial.

Highlighted technologies include the steam engine, spinning machines and power looms, vehicles of every kind, medicine, the “green revolution” in food production, and communication technology from the telegraph to the Internet.

The course shows students how technology has affected human life-expectancy in such an incredible way, and why, despite the advances involved, people have responded with various anti-industrial social movements from Luddism & transcendentalism, to conservationism, preservationism, and modern environmentalism.

$80 one-time payment

Includes all levels (Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Jr/Sr High)

17 video lessons plus handouts, review, and end-of-unit test. 

Meet the Teacher

Scott Powell is a historian and teacher who has been teaching homeschooled students online for nearly 20 years (as “History at Our House”). He is the author of three books including “The 4-Hour Historian”, “The History of Now”, and the upcoming “The History of Tomorrow”. His present-centric approach was developed from the conviction that history is an essential subject that is vital for anyone who wants to live a fully engaged life and make sense of the world they live in.

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