Mr. Powell and his family are traveling and living around the world – Mrs. Powell, Patrick Henry, and Even Tony Stark, the amazing Jack Russell Terrier. Here are some photos of them in Athens.

Mr. Powell and his son, Patrick, by the entrance to the Acropolis, where the great statue of Athena used to stand.

Mr. Powell standing beside the prison of Socrates. 

The whole Powell family in front of the Parthenon.

Mrs. Powell beside the Erechtheion where the five Caryatids stand. 

Finally, a picture of Stark in this carryon on the plane, hiding under Patrick’s hat (he wasn’t supposed to get out of the carryon!).

This is a guest post by Sharone Powell.

We hope you enjoyed these pictures! Have you ever visited Athens, Greece? Have you learned about any of these landmarks in your homeschool studies? What would you most like to see if you could visit? Let us know in the comments!