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It’s not too late to register your junior or senior high student for Thursday’s Introduction to Chinese History.

In this video, Mr. Powell explains WHY a student would want to learn about the history of China. If you’re familiar with our approach at Knowable World you might guess that it’s all about understanding the world we live in.

Here’s the text, if you’d rather read:

If you’ve got teenagers in your house, you might have had conversations recently about how the American government is seeking to ban TikTok. It seems that American leaders are afraid of Chinese company and of its connection to the Chinese government, and they think you should be afraid too.

What’s going on? How can we understand what is happening? My answer is by looking to history.

That’s because at Knowable World, history is not the boring study of the past. It’s the revelation and explanation of the world we live in. The story of TikTok is part of the wider story of the Made in China phenomenon, which is an important part of the world we live in.

Register your elementary or high school student for our one-hour introduction to Chinese history so they can begin to see how powerful history can be.

Thursday’s class is especially for students in about grade 7 and up. If your child is younger than that, don’t worry, there will be a class for them on June 27. We also have four other great topics in our free summer series!

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