We’re back this week with another free printable activity for your homeschool!

I love playing board games with my kids! It’s a great way to practice some skills while having fun. One of my favourite word-based games is Scattergories, so that’s what inspired today’s activity.

How to play:

Print one game card for each player.

Choose a letter for the first round. Everyone will use the same letter. You can just pick one, or you can use a random letter generator like this one. Write the letter in the space at the top of the Round 1 column.

Now set a timer for up to 3 minutes. Each player fills in as many rows as possible with an answer that starts with the letter you chose for that round. When the timer stops, everyone puts down their pencils.

Scoring: You get one point for each unique, correct answer. Starting at the top of the column, everyone shares their answer for each category. Cross out the answer if someone else wrote the same thing. Cross out your answer if it is incorrect (for example, if the category is “Country” and you write “Asia”, that is not a correct answer). If you answer creatively you will need to convince the other players that your answer makes sense!

Play as many rounds as you like and then add up all your points. The player with the most points wins the game.

Fill out the form below to get your free download. Have fun playing!