Mr. Powell and his family are still in Greece and this week they visited the Acropolis in Athens!

To go with this set of photos, we’ve created a reading activity that you can use in your homeschool.

Your student can read a short passage about the Acropolis and ancient Greece. Then they can use the passage to unscramble a list of mystery words. This activity can be completed by students in grades 3-6 or by younger students with some help. The answer key can be found at the very bottom of this blog post.

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Now for the photos!

Mr. Powell at the Acropolis with the Parthenon on the hill behind him
A view of the Odeon, an ancient theater
One side of the Erechtheion showing the caryatid support columns
A treasure of gold coins discovered near the Asclepieion at the Acropolis of Athens
An Athenian soldier caught in a time warp??

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy adding a little ancient Athenian history to your homeschool studies this week!

Acropolis Scramble Answer Key:

ramcyecao = democracy

crtehnhoeei = Erechtheion

arophnte = Parthenon

etncina = ancient

ineestslehc = Cleisthenes

tyrsdacia = Caryatids

haetsn = Athens

criaspolo = Acropolis

haaetn = Athena

eeerge = Greece