This week’s free printable is an extra hard activity! That’s because of some big news you may have heard about Knowable World: We’re offering classes for students in ALL grades from 3-12 starting in 2024-25!

Registration for next year will open later in April. Meanwhile, take a look at this list of free live introductory classes we’re offering over the summer:

So this printable is especially for your older students who love a good challenge.

There are 25 state names hidden in this crossword puzzle. I’m not even going to tell you which 25 states are there and which 25 aren’t!

But don’t worry – there’s an answer key attached in case you have trouble finding them all.

Choose a letter for the first round. Everyone will use the same letter. You can just pick one, or you can use a random letter generator like this one. Write the letter in the space at the top of the Round 1 column.

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Have fun searching!